2 Players

45-60 minute game time

Ages 13 and up.

This game is designed to be played by two people. Players follow directions provided on the game board to form completed boxes and capture the most space on the board.

The board is 13×13 one inch squares (totaling 169 spaces)each with its own arrows allowing for movement of a specific direction up, down, left or right, or a combination of those movements.

Each round players roll a single die and the combined roll is the movement allotment for the turn. Players alternate first position each round eliminating the “first-player advantage”.

The aesthetics of the game are meant to give you that classic feel. From the scroll for a game mat to the stained wooden game pieces and markers,

Attrition is meant to feel like a game that has been played for ages.


  • Posted on 14. August 2013
  • Written by subdrake
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